Hot 100 South Australia struck consumers chord

In a wine world where age worthiness is king, where exactly should deliciously delightful wine stand? That is a question that often goes quietly into the good night. Now, wine experts from South Australia are revolting and giving awards to wines that drink so well, keeping them in cellar is deprivation of pleasure. Who are these mavericks? They […]

d'Arenberg X Saint Pierre

Sometimes stars align, and along comes an invitation to attend a wine dinner at a desirable restaurant with a desirable wine producer… That happened to me last week, when a representative from SUTL asked if I would take up 1 final “media spot” at the d’Arenberg Wine Dinner at Saint Pierre. For me, that was […]

Tolpuddle by Shaw + Smith, exploring Tasmania

New vintage wines make their way into our market every year. But in the era of the modern wine industry, seeing a first vintage today has become something of a rarity. In 2011, Shaw + Smith acquired Tolpuddle vineyard in Tasmania. Having planted Pinot noir and Chardonnay since 1988, Michael Hill Smith MW was in […]

Vasse Felix – Fulfilling nature's potential

A few times I was told that trailblazers often ended up in a fiery ending. They can’t catch up with trends they started nor were they willing to change with tides. But having heard Vasse Felix mentioned so often, I am pretty sure it hasn’t ended its reign as one of the most prominent wineries in […]

James McLaurin, The man with Golden Ball

Word was it takes brass balls to do real estates, so I am certain one would need something better to make wines. After all, one only makes a small fortune with a big fortune. I met the man with Golden Ball, James McLaurin. Instinctive pun got the better side of me, I couldn’t resist asking […]

Wines of Victoria, defining identity

What do I know about wines from Victoria state of Australia? This was the first question that crossed my mind when I received the invite to a media lunch organised by the Australian Trade Commission. After spending five minutes and not recalling an impression of the wines produced in this little state, perhaps I haven’t drank any […]

Winemaker – David Bowley, Vinteloper Wines

David Bowley, the CEO of Vinteloper Wines from South Australia, carries an air of suaveness with his tall simplistic bald look. His urban winery project earlier this year stirred up some buzz for city dwellers, who can experience a taste of real wine-making, without the glamour. And by CEO, he actually meant Chief Everything Officer. This is […]

Aussie in Burgundy – Andrew Nielsen, Le Grappin wine maker

Burgundy, the sacred land of Pinot Noir. Where grape growers are humble farmers. A region most affected by land division with accordance to ancient Napoleonic laws. People deeply rooted in traditions and heritage, and birthplace for some of the most expensive wines in the world. Paying tributes to terroir, several foreign wine lovers have settled […]

A taste of Margaret River, Australia – Fraser Gallop Estate

Australian wine – almost a market synonym for Shiraz from South Australia. Known for its strong flavour, overwhelming ripeness and full body texture, Shiraz appears to one of be the favourite varietals for most Singaporean drinkers. Grown on a small corner of South Western Australia, with terrain and climate akin to the highly prized and […]

Sweltering days: a Pinot Grigio and a Rosé to cool off with

Ah, Summer. The season of dressing light, ditching the covered shoes and bringing out the flip-flops. Hit the beach and bake the skin to a crisp brown. This may sound great for most people in the world but when you’re actually here in the midst of drowning humidity between 80 to 90 per cent and […]