Sena 2014 and the ageing 2004

Clearly, timeĀ stopped in its bottle until the enclosure was finally twisted and removed. The vibrant ruby body flowed with ease with a hue decorated with a tinge of garnet. This was Sena 2004 and the last vintage that involved legendary winemaker, Robert Mondavi. But we were not there to celebrate 2004, but to witness the […]

Don Melchor and his seven dwarfs

Why are there seven dwarfs? Simply because the wine, Don Melchor, is a blend from seven wines with distinct characters. Just like the seven dwarfs from folklore. But before you see the wine and personify it into the dainty, elegant Snow White, Don Melchor is the contrary. There is strength, subtlety, refinement, touch of sophistication […]

In Chile, Chilean wines redefined

Admittedly, many wine professionals frowned on supermarket wines most, if not all the time. There is something intangible associated with supermarket that makes their good value goods seemingly lesser in quality and standards. Unfortunately for Chilean wines, they seem to fall under this misunderstood category. Honestly, I had held prejudice against them too.