Turbiana, is it a Trebbiano or not?

Modern DNA profiling ability has enabled researchers to name most grapes and their parentage. But for those who won’t be spending time on reports, they find the proof in the glass. While not always exact, some characteristics that run in the vine family can be tell-tale signs of  its lineage, with slight variations attributed to […]

Durian Wine – The unthinkable made possible

Yes, you saw the title correctly. If you are still in disbelief, read the following words. Durian. Wine. If you are a fan of both, go ahead with the curious “ooh” and delightful “ah”. But consuming one within short interval after the other is known to have a lethal effect, so is the lethality going to […]

Wine fault – Style or shoddy work?

Over a short spanning weekend, I had the opportunities to taste a series of wine faults (unintentionally). Regardless if one would consider these as curse or blessing, I remained sour about it. Still so today, and perhaps many weeks after. But the most incredulous thing was being told to “just accept it”. Has it become acceptable for […]

Chemical residues in wines – A wakeup call on farming practices

This year’s Valentine’s Day was a moody one for the wine makers in France. A research study published by renown France Laboratoire Excell reported chemical residues were found within 90% of finished wines. While there hasn’t been any complaint made against toxicity effect arises from wine consumption (other than alcohol poisoning), it is certainly worthwhile […]