Silvano Follador – Little gem of Valdobbiadene

It is often that the most prominent story can sometimes come from the smallest place. And such is the case when I roamed in the broad landscape of Valdobbiadene, where many wineries produce close to a million bottles per year, a small miniature winery by the name of Silvano Follador stood out despite its pea-sized […]

Don Melchor and his seven dwarfs

Why are there seven dwarfs? Simply because the wine, Don Melchor, is a blend from seven wines with distinct characters. Just like the seven dwarfs from folklore. But before you see the wine and personify it into the dainty, elegant Snow White, Don Melchor is the contrary. There is strength, subtlety, refinement, touch of sophistication […]

Vasse Felix – Fulfilling nature's potential

A few times I was told that trailblazers often ended up in a fiery ending. They can’t catch up with trends they started nor were they willing to change with tides. But having heard Vasse Felix mentioned so often, I am pretty sure it hasn’t ended its reign as one of the most prominent wineries in […]

Marchesi Antinori – A different perspective

Six centuries, twenty-six generations, fifteen Italian estates and seven others around the world. In the world of Italian wines, Marchesi Antinori is a name synonymous with quality, innovation and creativity. While most are familiar with their wines of Tignanello, Solaia and Guado al Tasso, there are other good and affordable wines beyond this familiar horizon.

Nederburg – Wines for Heritage Heroes

Whenever we asked people about their impression of South African wines, it is inevitable that people will think of low quality, cheap, supermarket wines. An unfortunate impression but a marketing strategy that helps consumers to get acquainted to their presence. Nederburg wines are no stranger to the supermarket shelves, but in their latest masterclass presentation […]

Winemaker – David Bowley, Vinteloper Wines

David Bowley, the CEO of Vinteloper Wines from South Australia, carries an air of suaveness with his tall simplistic bald look. His urban winery project earlier this year stirred up some buzz for city dwellers, who can experience a taste of real wine-making, without the glamour. And by CEO, he actually meant Chief Everything Officer. This is […]

Aussie in Burgundy – Andrew Nielsen, Le Grappin wine maker

Burgundy, the sacred land of Pinot Noir. Where grape growers are humble farmers. A region most affected by land division with accordance to ancient Napoleonic laws. People deeply rooted in traditions and heritage, and birthplace for some of the most expensive wines in the world. Paying tributes to terroir, several foreign wine lovers have settled […]