Wine Xin is a Singapore wine blog that aims to bring wine information closer to the mass consumers. Adopting an unassuming attitude, the site aims to share information with readers from all levels. At times guest contributors and other authors may share their views, so all postings express the views of their respective authors.

In the beginning...

It started as an interest, then things became serious as more people wanted to know more about wines. So just for the fun, and half-tired with repeating, this site was created to share information with those people wanting to learn about wines. There wasn’t a strong initial demand but based on internet traffic volume, it is growing slowly but surely.

The name Wine Xin is a phonetic twist to Wai Xin’s name. Although his name remains as-is, the dialect name proved difficult for many people to remember. Jokingly proposed by a former colleague, today Wine Xin has become a synonym for Wai Xin.

Wai Xin is...

After a short career in two major IT consulting firms, he founded Wine Xin as a wine communication business.

So what is wine communication? It involves a communication medium established by either writing, training or hosting wine workshops. The intention is to communicate effectively so that audiences return with something they have never learned before.

As a Certified Wine Educator (CWE) of Society of Wine Educators (SWE), Wai Xin designs workshops around the principles of educational, informational and experiential. Focusing on delivering an experience supplemented through informative discussions.

As the main wine writer for Wine Xin – The Blabber and the sole proprietor of Wine Xin, Wai Xin is often spotted in tasting sessions with an unassuming attitude, always open to opinions from trade and consumers.

For his effort and commitment in coaching CSW candidates, Wai Xin had received the award for Achieving Continuous Education (ACE) by WineCraft Marketing & Services. Some of these candidates include sommeliers, food writer, and retailers.

His wine communication and wine knowledge brought him to the prestigious inaugural Vinitaly International Academy certification course. In 2015 he was certified as Italian Wine Ambassador and Italian Wine Expert in 2016. These achievements made him the first for Singapore, and only in Southeast Asia. Previously he was awarded the Trinchero Napa Valley Ambassador for his ongoing support for Californian wines. Currently he is also one of the seven Valpolicella Wine Specialist in the world. He was on the judging panel of Vinitaly 5StarWines The Book 2018 edition as a panel chairperson.

Believing strongly that wine is for enjoyment and not a trading commodity, he encourages sensible, affordable drinking and exploration of lesser-known wines.

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