ICCCW – Crossing cuisine and wines boundaries

International Congress of Chinese Cuisine and Wine (ICCCW), it sounds like a mouthful of syllabi. But the name is very appropriate for this subject, so complicated yet often generalised by our friends from the western world. Singaporean wine veteran, Ch’ng Poh Tiong, organised another edition of this dinner in Singapore to prove that breaking rules […]

Serving water and wine, how to draw a line?

Will you pay for a glass of tap water? If there is no beverage that interests me, I am happy to pay a reasonable price for it. But according to a poll done in 2015, 80 percent of the respondents said they would not pay for tap water. If this poll is accurate by any […]

My guide to Rosé Revolution 2016

If you are one of the four hundred guests who are going to this year’s Rose Revolution, then you are perhaps a little more spoilt for choice than last year. The trade tasting event, held one day before the public event, featured all the wines that are available on 14 May. After tasted all these, this […]

Italian white wines for Singapore

“Italians don’t make interesting white wines”, a casual remark I heard after few pints of beer. If the probable beer-triggered gout didn’t kill me that evening, that statement against Italian white wines almost did me in. This misconception is common as Italian white wines are obviously a victim of its red’s success. Although I lost count […]

Singapore Wine Fiesta 2014, biggest ever

Every October I have something exciting to look forward. One, my birthday. Two, the Singapore Wine Fiesta. In its seventh year since the event’s humble beginning in 2008, the Singapore Straits Wine Company has once again grew the event bigger. To be held at Clifford Square, Singapore Wine Fiesta 2014 has caught the attention and garnered support from Singapore […]

Old wines are for birthdays

Can there be another product that is capable of an ever-inflating price tag beside wine? Cheese possibly, but hardly any other food will come close to these. As an agricultural product and ingestible item, it sure is weird why people are willing to fork out exorbitant amount of money for things that are really old. […]

Reasonably-priced Wines Showdown

We have not had the chance to cover the slew of new wine retailers (rather, e-tailers) in Singapore. What they have brought to us consumers are lower prices, higher accessibility, and broader range of wines to buy and enjoy. With that partly in mind, and because we have not done this before, the #SgWine crew […]

In Chile, Chilean wines redefined

Admittedly, many wine professionals frowned on supermarket wines most, if not all the time. There is something intangible associated with supermarket that makes their good value goods seemingly lesser in quality and standards. Unfortunately for Chilean wines, they seem to fall under this misunderstood category. Honestly, I had held prejudice against them too.

Le Grappin Tasting 20-Jan

Twitter is a wonderful social media platform. Not only did it allow us #SgWine crew to meet Andrew Nielsen (@legrappin) 2 years ago, it let me on to a tasting session of Le Grappin wines, held on 20-Jan at Caveau Wines + Bar. It’s a good opportunity to finally taste the wines Andrew made, so […]

Fast track to becoming a Wine Expert

Lean. Thin. Acidic. Astringent. Bitter. No, not your mother-in-law. And not me, either. These are the notes that recently appeared in a wine critic’s notebook. It requires pondering — can a bottle wine resemble, to such an astonishing degree, someone you personally know and, heavens forbid, have to live with? Let’s face it — if […]