Silvano Follador – Little gem of Valdobbiadene

It is often that the most prominent story can sometimes come from the smallest place. And such is the case when I roamed in the broad landscape of Valdobbiadene, where many wineries produce close to a million bottles per year, a small miniature winery by the name of Silvano Follador stood out despite its pea-sized […]

Prosecco – Classification, to what ends?

Tell people you are going to visit Champagne and that will undoubtedly conjure a state of admiration. But not the case when I am heading to visit the Prosecco wine region. Never mind that it is the Prosecco DOCG, Valdobbiadene area. It just doesn’t seem quite as lovely. But if a landscape of the region […]

The Montalcino experience

What does Montalcino mean to you? Is it a name synonymous with wines from Sangiovese, or the most celebrated wine region in entire Italy? Perhaps something else? In October 2016, my visit to Montalcino reveals a lot more than what I previously understood. And the more I learned, I realised the less I know. For […]

Visited: Champagne Taittinger

September 21st, I made my first ever visit to a Champagne house. Reims, a beautiful city where kings of the past used to be crowned, is where many big Champagne houses are. Epernay, a village not far from Reims, is where one can find smaller (and/or grower) Champagne houses. I took the easy option of taking a […]

Lunar New Year #SgWine Gathering

[This is a syndicated post, courtesy of Chek Wong, who first posted this on his own blog.]  – – – – – – – – – A sommelier, blogger and winemaker walk into a bar. Sounds like the setup for a punchline, but we were really at Praelum Wine Bistro for a #SgWine gathering. It seems that every […]

BBR Singapore Portfolio Tasting

A few years ago, I was just an ordinary wine enthusiast, getting excited with any and every chance to taste wines (any wine!). Since returning to Singapore 2.5 years ago, I’ve had the chance to meet many people in the trade, who went on to introduce me to more… and one of the more recent […]

A Weekend in a Wine-Nerd's Paradise

It is not everyday that you get the opportunity to spend time with a winemaker, in their appellation doing their thing. Thanks to Twitter, and good ol’ Aussie/Burgundian hospitality, I was offered a free night’s stay at le gîte du Grappin – the vintage base of Andrew Nielsen (Le Grappin Wines), at Comblanchien. What was to […]

Wine Dinner 16-Mar

Date: 16 March 2012 It was supposed to be a “Cults & Classics” Wine Dinner… but I guess it’s probably not that easy to access cult wines, given our #SgWine attendees generally are not big-time wine collectors with deep pockets. So, I’m retrospectively calling this a “Classics” wine dinner. “Classics” because the wines we enjoyed showed […]