Garbole – The mad dreamers of Valpolicella

It felt like seeing the painting of Pablo Picasso for the first time. Cubic, awkward angles, mangled and aloof. There is a sense of disagreement among all the senses. The colours of the brand, purely black and red, seems to scream danger. The wines are non-conforming and they speak a message, you don’t have to […]

Peranakan cuisine x Sartori wines – How spicy can we go?

Many wine study guides will caution against pairing red wines with spicy food. So when the invitation comes saying Peranakan cuisine with Amarone, it raises both eyebrows. Will this be a disaster where one, or even both, goes down in spicy flame? Or an experiment that might just invalidate what we are taught? Together with […]

My guide to Rosé Revolution 2016

If you are one of the four hundred guests who are going to this year’s Rose Revolution, then you are perhaps a little more spoilt for choice than last year. The trade tasting event, held one day before the public event, featured all the wines that are available on 14 May. After tasted all these, this […]

Italian white wines for Singapore

“Italians don’t make interesting white wines”, a casual remark I heard after few pints of beer. If the probable beer-triggered gout didn’t kill me that evening, that statement against Italian white wines almost did me in. This misconception is common as Italian white wines are obviously a victim of its red’s success. Although I lost count […]

Old wines are for birthdays

Can there be another product that is capable of an ever-inflating price tag beside wine? Cheese possibly, but hardly any other food will come close to these. As an agricultural product and ingestible item, it sure is weird why people are willing to fork out exorbitant amount of money for things that are really old. […]

Barolo – Can we skip the ten years wait?

Arrived with a pair of sleepy eyes and sore butt, I stood in Palazzo Gran Guardia expecting to pit my taste buds against a hundred wines. To taste all wines was a foolish idea which I did not entertain. As I stumbled through the halls amidst the buzzing of foreign greetings and seeing how television journalists caught unsuspecting guests for interviews, I finally […]

Reasonably-priced Wines Showdown

We have not had the chance to cover the slew of new wine retailers (rather, e-tailers) in Singapore. What they have brought to us consumers are lower prices, higher accessibility, and broader range of wines to buy and enjoy. With that partly in mind, and because we have not done this before, the #SgWine crew […]

Beating the wine conformist

What do you see in a wine before you decide it is well-made? That is a million dollar question. Finding gem among stones is a challenge. If our expectation is to meet every bottle from a region tasting similar, then we are seeking conformity and not character. But of course some regions are just so […]

Anniversary Wines

One day, I marched into office and told my colleague: “it would have been better off if I got married 1 month later!” She looked at me curiously… “2005 seems to be a better year for anniversary wines.” I explained. – – – – – – – – – – – When you reach a […]

One grape, many forms

My recent solo trip to Hong Kong, without an accompanying voice of reasons, had me walked right into the doors of Bo Innovation. A two Michelin stars restaurant owned by the maverick chef, Alvin Leung, features carefully designed menu using commonly found ingredients, challenging conventional form of Chinese cuisine to the extreme. The result, a series of mind-blowing “food-gasmic “sensations.