Moon cake pairing with Riesling

It felt like only a few months ago when I wrote about pairing wines with moon cakes. With the passing of seasons and we are into mid autumn festival again. This year I tried a few sweet Australia whites against several moon cakes, both  traditional and modern. Alas I am the kind who grew up eating the […]

One grape, many forms

My recent solo trip to Hong Kong, without an accompanying voice of reasons, had me walked right into the doors of Bo Innovation. A two Michelin stars restaurant owned by the maverick chef, Alvin Leung, features carefully designed menu using commonly found ingredients, challenging conventional form of Chinese cuisine to the extreme. The result, a series of mind-blowing “food-gasmic “sensations.

Wines to go with Chinese New Year feasts

As we usher in the year of the snake, the most important event for many of us is the reunion dinner. In Singapore, where families are typically small, most people would be spending their Chinese (or Lunar) New Year’s eve dinner at home with a home-cooked spread. That usually works for me too. But this […]

Wine Pairing – With wine-infused moon cakes

One can tell Mid-autumn Festival (or Moon Cake Festival) is coming when you start seeing round pastry showing up on confectionery display shelves. Being one of the four important Chinese festivals, families celebrate over delectable moon cakes while children go around with brightly lit lanterns, and others make religious offering to the moon goddess. Not forgetting the […]