ICCCW – Crossing cuisine and wines boundaries

International Congress of Chinese Cuisine and Wine (ICCCW), it sounds like a mouthful of syllabi. But the name is very appropriate for this subject, so complicated yet often generalised by our friends from the western world. Singaporean wine veteran, Ch’ng Poh Tiong, organised another edition of this dinner in Singapore to prove that breaking rules […]

To start a mead making business

It has been awhile since I penned something, so it is fair to write on my primary activity of last year in this brand new year. However, I will state my disclaimer here as this post is a self-serving one. Last summer, Simon, whom I know since university, invited me to his place to try […]

Sena 2014 and the ageing 2004

Clearly, time stopped in its bottle until the enclosure was finally twisted and removed. The vibrant ruby body flowed with ease with a hue decorated with a tinge of garnet. This was Sena 2004 and the last vintage that involved legendary winemaker, Robert Mondavi. But we were not there to celebrate 2004, but to witness the […]

Serving water and wine, how to draw a line?

Will you pay for a glass of tap water? If there is no beverage that interests me, I am happy to pay a reasonable price for it. But according to a poll done in 2015, 80 percent of the respondents said they would not pay for tap water. If this poll is accurate by any […]

75CL, evolving image of wine merchant

If cars are available for test drive, and ice cream for sampling, then why should wines be any different? That is a question Cedric Mui, manager of 75CL, has answer for. Yes, you can do just that. With 56 wines including Bordeaux, New Zealand Pinot, and Italian Aglianico, 75CL wants to serve anyone who needs wine.

Sell an experience, not product

Two weeks ago, I published my new concept workshop that focuses on answering consumers’ questions. At its infancy stage, I had chosen to only announce via Twitter. The same day evening, I hosted the first workshop titled “Recognising common wine styles”, and despite a small turnout, my message of learning through experience was positively delivered. Over last weekend, an email newsletter […]

My guide to Rosé Revolution 2016

If you are one of the four hundred guests who are going to this year’s Rose Revolution, then you are perhaps a little more spoilt for choice than last year. The trade tasting event, held one day before the public event, featured all the wines that are available on 14 May. After tasted all these, this […]

Drinking in a glasshouse – Verre

Glass. If the word conjures descriptors like transparency, clarity and polished refinement, then that is exactly what Verre Modern Bistro & Wine Bar feels like. Glass bottles, wine glasses, and glass walled cellar marked the interior highlights as I walked through the door, reflecting a strong contrast against the charcoal black walls on the outside. And that is what Verre means in French, […]

A summer of wine education

Summer came and went. Along with it were The Business Times Wine Challenge 2015, a short trip to Napa Valley for my Certified Wine Educators examination, and our very own inaugural Singapore Wine Specialist Challenge that advocates continuous wine education. Despite being very intimately involved from the start till the end, and had the privilege to pen […]

Wanderwine – Speed is the essence

I have been to many wine events, met loads of merchants but no one exhibited a show of force like Wanderwine. At 530pm, I turned up at the company’s launch event. They took my picture with a Polaroid camera, recorded my residential address for a post-event gift, and sent me into the hall with two dozen wines and four dozen shoulders. Three hours later, a bottle of […]