Peranakan cuisine x Sartori wines – How spicy can we go?

Many wine study guides will caution against pairing red wines with spicy food. So when the invitation comes saying Peranakan cuisine with Amarone, it raises both eyebrows. Will this be a disaster where one, or even both, goes down in spicy flame? Or an experiment that might just invalidate what we are taught? Together with […]

Moon cake pairing with Riesling

It felt like only a few months ago when I wrote about pairing wines with moon cakes. With the passing of seasons and we are into mid autumn festival again. This year I tried a few sweet Australia whites against several moon cakes, both  traditional and modern. Alas I am the kind who grew up eating the […]

Wines to go with Chinese New Year feasts

As we usher in the year of the snake, the most important event for many of us is the reunion dinner. In Singapore, where families are typically small, most people would be spending their Chinese (or Lunar) New Year’s eve dinner at home with a home-cooked spread. That usually works for me too. But this […]

Making cents in dinner with wines

Like most other fresh university graduates, my first year in the working world saw me nowhere near being financially robust. Going for a Valentine’s date often translates to wallet hemorrhage. Although many relationship ‘experts’ have purported that a good relationship is not how much you spend, the innate manly ego often spurs us to spend like tomorrow may […]

Winemaker – David Bowley, Vinteloper Wines

David Bowley, the CEO of Vinteloper Wines from South Australia, carries an air of suaveness with his tall simplistic bald look. His urban winery project earlier this year stirred up some buzz for city dwellers, who can experience a taste of real wine-making, without the glamour. And by CEO, he actually meant Chief Everything Officer. This is […]

Wine Pairing – With wine-infused moon cakes

One can tell Mid-autumn Festival (or Moon Cake Festival) is coming when you start seeing round pastry showing up on confectionery display shelves. Being one of the four important Chinese festivals, families celebrate over delectable moon cakes while children go around with brightly lit lanterns, and others make religious offering to the moon goddess. Not forgetting the […]