Silvano Follador – Little gem of Valdobbiadene

It is often that the most prominent story can sometimes come from the smallest place. And such is the case when I roamed in the broad landscape of Valdobbiadene, where many wineries produce close to a million bottles per year, a small miniature winery by the name of Silvano Follador stood out despite its pea-sized […]

Rosé Revolution – Eddie McDougall

Last year I wrote about Eddie McDougall and his show, The Flying Winemaker, and this year he is coming back as the flying rosé man. As part of his three stops project, Singapore is the debut station for his Rosé Revolution 2015. And if you are like me, trying to balance the summer heat with some light tipple, […]

Celebrating 10 years with

We have a contest! Two pairs of tickets to 10th anniversary weekend event, The Big Wine Review, are available for grabs! Two lucky winners will get a pair of tickets, each pair worth S$90, for the November 15 event. Entry rules are simple, email to me one wine-producing brand which you are looking forward to taste during the Wine Discovery […]

Eddie McDougall – The Flying Winemaker

Who is Eddie McDougall? If you have that question in your head, I am certain you are not alone. I was equally clueless when I first heard the name, but very soon he will be appearing on one of my favourite television channels, TLC. A new 13-episode series, titled The Flying Winemaker, hosted by Eddie will début on September 15. But […]

Vasse Felix – Fulfilling nature's potential

A few times I was told that trailblazers often ended up in a fiery ending. They can’t catch up with trends they started nor were they willing to change with tides. But having heard Vasse Felix mentioned so often, I am pretty sure it hasn’t ended its reign as one of the most prominent wineries in […]

Wine Fiesta 2013 – Will I see you there?

Last week I received a call from the nice people of Singapore Straits Wine Company. The day after, they turned up with a basket of goodies — albeit Halloween-like — including tickets for the Wine Fiesta. I need to warn you, the following may sound like an advertorial. You may choose to skip, but read on and know […]

Sommelier who doesn't drink – Amanda

Some people find their passion for wines in an utterly romantic story of how they chanced upon a beautiful wine so elegant it completely blew them away. For someone who does not drink, there’s absolutely no way I have a fancy story like that to tell. My name is Amanda, I am a sommelier and this is […]

Claiming their own pieces of paradise…

Recently, we (that’s Xin, QY & I) caught up with an expat (i.e. he’s not French) Burgundian winemaker who was travelling through Singapore for dinner and hear his story. Andrew Nielsen, an Australian who used to work in public relations in MNCs in various countries around the world (including a lengthy stay in Singapore), is […]