Celebrating 10 years with Ewineasia.com

We have a contest! Two pairs of tickets to Ewineasia.com 10th anniversary weekend event, The Big Wine Review, are available for grabs! Two lucky winners will get a pair of tickets, each pair worth S$90, for the November 15 event. Entry rules are simple, email to me one wine-producing brand which you are looking forward to taste during the Wine Discovery Weekend by November 8 and the lucky winners will receive an email confirmation on November 11. But before anything, more importantly, what can we expect from Ewineasia.com on their Wine Discovery Weekend?

Ewineasia.com, a sister company of Alfa International, has built a sound reputation in the wine distribution business over the past decade, all this, while maintaining an electronic presence for consumers. While I hardly sing praises for wine merchants, but I had, over the years, been impressed by wines which my friends had purchased from them. One being Domaine André Brunel Côtes du Rhône Cuvée Sommelongue, also wines from Mt. Difficulty and of course, the Soave from Pieropan.

On November 15, participants attending The Big Wine Review will be greeted by wine producers from distant shores. The biggest contingent being the French team, with its producers as far north as Champagne like Champagne Boizel, and down south to Languedoc with Domaine Gauby. Other producers who will be joining the event hail from Spain, Italian, New Zealand, Portugal, Argentina and Chile.

All in all, there will be 100 labels from a total of 60 producers. An impressive assortment.

The Big Wine Review, however, is not the only event that Ewineasia.com has planned. The entire weekend named, Wine Discovery Weekend, will kick-start on the November 14 with a dinner featuring wines from ten producers mostly from the old world regions. This will be held at Tower Club Singapore, a prestigious club for business elites. Then the evening of November 15, an Italian-focused dinner will take place at La Strada Ristorante. This is an extraordinary dinner, as together with the diners will be the winemakers from Rivera, Pieropan and Nino Franco. Finally on the November 16, a sparkling wine brunch will start the Sunday right, expect nothing less than Champagne, Prosecco and Cava.

After an exciting month of wines in October, it seems like we are spoilt for more wines in November. Now email me!

For events enquiry and RSVP, please visit http://ewineasia.com/index.php/events or email to celine@ewineasia.com

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