2014 Amarone della Valpolicella – Diversity from challenges

If you are expecting all the wines of 2014 Amarone della Valpolicella to be homogenous with the typical generous, lushness texture that one would commonly associate it with, then I am sorry the 2014 vintage will not be your cup of tea. Instead, it is a year filled with multiple personalities, and possibly one that […]

Sena 2014 and the ageing 2004

Clearly, time¬†stopped in its bottle until the enclosure was finally twisted and removed. The vibrant ruby body flowed with ease with a hue decorated with a tinge of garnet. This was Sena 2004 and the last vintage that involved legendary winemaker, Robert Mondavi. But we were not there to celebrate 2004, but to witness the […]

Reasonably-priced Wines Showdown

We have not had the chance to cover the slew of new wine retailers (rather, e-tailers) in Singapore. What they have brought to us consumers are lower prices, higher accessibility, and broader range of wines to buy and enjoy. With that partly in mind, and because we have not done this before, the #SgWine crew […]

Lunar New Year #SgWine Gathering

[This is a syndicated post, courtesy of Chek Wong, who first posted this on his own blog.]  – – – – – – – – – A sommelier, blogger and winemaker walk into a bar. Sounds like the setup for a punchline, but we were really at Praelum Wine Bistro for a #SgWine gathering. It seems that every […]

Le Grappin Tasting 20-Jan

Twitter is a wonderful social media platform. Not only did it allow us #SgWine crew to meet Andrew Nielsen (@legrappin) 2 years ago, it let me on to a tasting session of Le Grappin wines, held on 20-Jan at Caveau Wines + Bar. It’s a good opportunity to finally taste the wines Andrew made, so […]

BBR Singapore Portfolio Tasting

A few years ago, I was just an ordinary wine enthusiast, getting excited with any and every chance to taste wines (any wine!). Since returning to Singapore 2.5 years ago, I’ve had the chance to meet many people in the trade, who went on to introduce me to more… and one of the more recent […]

3 Commands

The nice thing about having wine friends is the various opportunities to taste wines in various settings and/or line-ups. Chris (@SingaPoured) works for a prominent local wine e-tailer, and was recently able to get his hands on 3 vintages of the Elderton ‘Command’ Shiraz… so a few of us converged and had a blast of […]

Wine Dinner 16-Mar

Date: 16 March 2012 It was supposed to be a “Cults & Classics” Wine Dinner… but I guess it’s probably not that easy to access cult wines, given our #SgWine attendees generally are not big-time wine¬†collectors with deep pockets. So, I’m retrospectively calling this a “Classics” wine dinner. “Classics” because the wines we enjoyed showed […]