Wine Fiesta 2013 – Will I see you there?

Last week I received a call from the nice people of Singapore Straits Wine Company. The day after, they turned up with a basket of goodies — albeit Halloween-like — including tickets for the Wine Fiesta. I need to warn you, the following may sound like an advertorial. You may choose to skip, but read on and know what to expect from me.

This year marks the sixth round of Singapore Wine Fiesta, with an expected turnout of 60 producers and 300 labels. Comparing with shows in Malaysia and Philippines, the Singapore stop is the grandest of all. Still at the Custom House, this year’s organiser decided to have a stronger focus on mass educating the attendees. Wine personality taking the limelight is Dan Sim, a well-known wine commentator, educator and personality in Australia, as he does his presentation twice a day on 2nd and 3rd November.

In my last year post on Wine Fiesta, I noted the appearance of Croatian Malvasia, chocolate-infused Tempranillo and Hungarian Tokaji. This year’s list looks simpler. On the official site, it suggests that we won’t see anything out of the norm. However familiar brands like Kaesler, Yarra Yerring, Mischief & Mayhem, G.D Vajra and others will be complimented with new offerings.

Those with a palate for Italian tipples will find exciting new offerings from Barone Ricasoli, Vietti and Marco Felluga, while new world lovers can look forward to icons such as Leeuwin Estate and BrokenwoodI am all excited looking forward to taste the Barolo from Castiglione falletto by Vietti, my previous experience was at the Accademia Del Barolo.

I know many people will be attending. So as part of my public service, I will start with the east European and south-hemisphere new worlds on 1st November, the classic old world wines on 2nd November. Tasting notes for my preferred wines will be duly updated on the same day. Knowing the size of the crowd from last year, I strongly advised purchasing tickets online through Sistic.

Tickets are going for S$45 per day from 1st to 3rd November. If you are loaded and want something exclusive, the special preview night on 31st October is going for S$180. More details can be found on

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