ICCCW – Crossing cuisine and wines boundaries

International Congress of Chinese Cuisine and Wine (ICCCW), it sounds like a mouthful of syllabi. But the name is very appropriate for this subject, so complicated yet often generalised by our friends from the western world. Singaporean wine veteran, Ch’ng Poh Tiong, organised another edition of this dinner in Singapore to prove that breaking rules […]

2014 Amarone della Valpolicella – Diversity from challenges

If you are expecting all the wines of 2014 Amarone della Valpolicella to be homogenous with the typical generous, lushness texture that one would commonly associate it with, then I am sorry the 2014 vintage will not be your cup of tea. Instead, it is a year filled with multiple personalities, and possibly one that […]

Peranakan cuisine x Sartori wines – How spicy can we go?

Many wine study guides will caution against pairing red wines with spicy food. So when the invitation comes saying Peranakan cuisine with Amarone, it raises both eyebrows. Will this be a disaster where one, or even both, goes down in spicy flame? Or an experiment that might just invalidate what we are taught? Together with […]

Sena 2014 and the ageing 2004

Clearly, time stopped in its bottle until the enclosure was finally twisted and removed. The vibrant ruby body flowed with ease with a hue decorated with a tinge of garnet. This was Sena 2004 and the last vintage that involved legendary winemaker, Robert Mondavi. But we were not there to celebrate 2004, but to witness the […]

Rosé Revolution – Eddie McDougall

Last year I wrote about Eddie McDougall and his show, The Flying Winemaker, and this year he is coming back as the flying rosé man. As part of his three stops project, Singapore is the debut station for his Rosé Revolution 2015. And if you are like me, trying to balance the summer heat with some light tipple, […]

Sparkling – Champagne, Christmas, Celebration

December is like a magical month. A month when people go slow, feel pleasant and generally happy. This is also the month of counting down, to Christmas and to New Year. In essence December is all about the letter ‘c’, celebration. The wines of Champagne have always been highly prized for such occasions, but most […]

Closure with old world wines from Wine Fiesta

Crowd. Small talks. Getting in and out the way. Recalling all these as part of the Wine Fiesta experience, it is time I pen my closure to this year’s episode. Almost thirty producers and close to hundred of labels, my old world hunt was less than ideal. Finding balance was a challenge, with a few […]

Moon cake pairing with Riesling

It felt like only a few months ago when I wrote about pairing wines with moon cakes. With the passing of seasons and we are into mid autumn festival again. This year I tried a few sweet Australia whites against several moon cakes, both  traditional and modern. Alas I am the kind who grew up eating the […]

James McLaurin, The man with Golden Ball

Word was it takes brass balls to do real estates, so I am certain one would need something better to make wines. After all, one only makes a small fortune with a big fortune. I met the man with Golden Ball, James McLaurin. Instinctive pun got the better side of me, I couldn’t resist asking […]

Simple wines, simple pleasure

What do you look for when buying wines? An affordable price tag, dependent brand or familiar taste? Regardless of the criterion, we can agree the main purpose for wine is to please the palate, the mind, and for some people, their ego. While my training has made me choosy, there are wines that I liked […]