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Gees… What crews did Straits Wine hire? Merry-men of Santa Claus right before Christmas? It took one night, and the Wine Fiesta layout was shuffled. First of the many wineries present was ARA with their highly expressive wines from Marlborough. I mentioned the flank was missing, now I stood corrected.

The first open to all day started in the early evening with a crowd comparable to the night before. But the real mayhem will show up over the next two days. Brace yourself, this is after-all the annual Wine Fiesta. As promised, my first round will be notes for new world wines.

Many noteworthy wines from the southern hemisphere this year. In particular, there were several wines both red and white from Australia showing excellent fruit-centric style. One Kiwi estate dared to be different from its peers, and Argentinian Malbec showing its ability of capturing terroir expression.

To describe my selection in one word, and that is ‘purity’.

An enjoyable evening that made me spent moments to deliberate which one should be listed. Still on my notebook are many pages of notes for remarkable wines, but here are my favourites.

Wine 5A: Urlar Estate, Sauvignon Blanc 2012

I have come across many wines from New Zealand showing homogeneity in their style. This wine from Wairarapa carried a style more akin to Sancerre. Flinty mineral notes, restraint expression of fruits on the palate with a lean yet smooth texture.

Wine 52A: Oddfellows Wines, Viognier – The Winner’s Tank 2008

A very apt name. Who actually bother to make straight Viognier outside of Condrieu? Not many. But David and gang dared to be different. Fresh floral aromas, with a richly opulent body supported with graceful acidity.

Wine 51A: Oakridge Wines, Chardonnay – Local Vineyard 2012

Part of the Local Vineyard series of wines, this Chardonnay from Barkala Ridge vineyard had been highly acclaimed by James Halliday and the Yarra Valley Wine Show. Lemon peels, hint of stone like mineral with an uplifting zest of citrus acid.

Wine 51B: Oakridge Wines, Pinot noir – Over The Shoulder 2012

Fantastic fresh red fruits perfume and sign of savouriness, fine tannins texture and lively acidity. A style that I have always fancied from Yarra Valley that differs from many other new world regions. Savoury is the key word here.

Wine 52C: Oddfellows Wines, Shiraz – The Winner’s Tank 2012

Minty scent from the nearby eucalyptus gave a refreshing perspective to the gamey black fruit aromas. Initial grippy texture gave way to a soft round finish.

Wine 45D: Ferngrove, Malbec – King 2009

Western Australia had been consistently blessed with good climate in recent vintages. Showed through the wine with its sweet fruit focused aroma and a dash of coconut. Mouth-coating tannins may put off some people, but nonetheless well made.

Wine 47F: Nashwauk, Tempranillo 2010

Kaesler Wines doesn’t need any introduction, but their newly created brand Nashwauk deserved a visit. Tempranillo, a native grape to Spain, were planted in 2000 with a total acreage of 1.5 acres. Extremely small production, this young wine with its vibrant red fruits, spices and sweet earth showed along with the gripping sweet tannins.

In lieu of the space and time constraint I have, the following are other interesting wines.

Wine 7D: Max Ferdinand Richter, Riesling Kabinett – Graccher Himmelreich 2009
Wine 7C: Max Ferdinand Richter, Riesling Kabinett – Wehlener Sonnenuhr 2007
Wine 50A: Leeuwin Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon – Art Series 2009
Wine 33A: Altos Las Hormigas, Malbec – Classico 2012
Wine 33C: Altos Las Hormigas, Malbec – Reserva 2011

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