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Happy new year and welcome back to Wine Xin, more vibrant and bolder than ever before. It had been a nut-cracking, hair-pulling week as we burnt midnight oil and struggled through late nights to upgrade the entire layout. After countless hours, this site is nicely done up and ready to go but we will still be fine-tuning few minor areas. As we bid goodbye to the old theme that had served us since started in 2012, it is a good time to see what the new site has to offer.

Articles are now prominently tagged with a category for easy reference, and all with a bold and lovely red tone. Chronologically sorted article are placed lower to create more header space on the front page. One can find three social media links that will point to Facebook page, Twitter and Google+. The last account was, in fact, recently created as part of this upgrade. Header section will also feature highlighted contents from the past, and most importantly, we have a tasting notes carousel on the right-most column. A major highlight of Wine Xin.

The new layout comes with a review section which is designed for technology reviews, but we will use this for consolidating wine notes. Some of the tasting notes have already been extracted from their original articles and there are still many more to go. This will be completed by end of January. For notes before 2014, no ratings will be given but a hyphen will be assigned instead.

The liberty to assign points to wines is a major responsibility. Some peopled considered points meaningless while others are persuaded to buy based on this numerical representation. Rightly, or wrongly, a point system will eventually be adopted. The choice now lies between a 5-stars system like those in Appetite magazine or a Jancis Robinson 20-points scale. This shall be decided at a later time.

To conclude, Wine Xin is all set for 2014 and we hope you will enjoy our new layout. Cheers!

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Chan Wai Xin

Chan Wai Xin

Singapore based. University lecturer, wine educator, wine writer. Systematic, analytic, and at times pedantic. Mostly irreverent.

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