Subtle wine display in Cold Storage

Being into the wine section of a supermarket can make an inexperienced customer feels like a forest, lost in bottle wilderness with wood furnishing.
Sales promoter often doesn’t know their product well with their recommendations as good as betting on the nearest bottle on wine display. Some end up paying for a bottle not what they are looking for.
Full time scores – Promoter 1 : Consumer 0.

I visited Cold Storage outlet at Velocity (Novena) in the afternoon. As usual, they have that classy-woody section with no one in its vicinity. The other end of the market is the cooked section with roasted pork knuckles, boxed sushi and sashimi, the stuff people will buy for dinner side dish or afternoon small bite.
So as I looked at the chicken leg and shifted my glance lower… Voila!

Can’t figure what to drink? Take from here!

While I didn’t check if they were like decent pairing recommendation, this is still a brilliant idea of giving people the idea of drinking wine with whatever they are buying.
Know what’s the best pair I came across in store?
Vodka & Whisky below. Contraception above.  🙂

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