Mark the date – Gambero Rosso in Singapore on 12th March 2014

Developing wine market and our ever stronger interest in Italian wines, these factors have attracted Gambero Rosso back to Singapore for the third time. Known as the Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines road show, the event continues to have a remarkable walk around tasting featuring 200 wines and two guided tasting sessions.

A leading wine media doubles as ambassador of “Made in Italy” wines, Gambero Rosso has organized tastings abroad since the early 1990s. Over the years it is recognised as the representative of quality Italian wines by creating a platform for meeting supply and demand, while maintaining a strictly educational and instructive profile.

In its seventh edition the event has added two new destinations, Sydney and Mexico City, to the list of Seoul, Osaka, São Paulo and Singapore. Visitors can expect to meet and taste wines from top-flight wineries such as Gaja, Jermann, Leone de Castris, San Felice, Masi, Allegrini, Felsina, Volpe Pasini, Sella e Mosca and San Patrignano.

Focus on emerging markets for Italian wines, Gambero Rosso sees the best way to attract attention is to systematically present a compact, national front. The road show, therefore, involves wineries that produce sufficient quality wine to penetrate new markets and open doors. Especially in places like Korea and Mexico where serious long-term planning and continuity is essential.

Italian wines have a long history since the ancient Roman times. Today estimated to have over 400 indigenous varieties, making Italy one of the most bio-diversified wine-producing countries in the world. In 2010, for the first time Italy exported more wine than it consumed within its borders, a trend that is gaining strength. In 2012, Italian wine exports grew 7%, attaining a record 4.7 billion euros.

The road show offers an opportunity to taste some of the best Italian wines made by producers that preserved authenticity over centuries. As the event organiser would want to control the crowd, visitors are to register their interest via Google Docs. Any queries can be clarified via email:

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