Silvano Follador – Little gem of Valdobbiadene

It is often that the most prominent story can sometimes come from the smallest place. And such is the case when I roamed in the broad landscape of Valdobbiadene, where many wineries produce close to a million bottles per year, a small miniature winery by the name of Silvano Follador stood out despite its pea-sized […]

Prosecco – Classification, to what ends?

Tell people you are going to visit Champagne and that will undoubtedly conjure a state of admiration. But not the case when I am heading to visit the Prosecco wine region. Never mind that it is the Prosecco DOCG, Valdobbiadene area. It just doesn’t seem quite as lovely. But if a landscape of the region […]

2014 Amarone della Valpolicella – Diversity from challenges

If you are expecting all the wines of 2014 Amarone della Valpolicella to be homogenous with the typical generous, lushness texture that one would commonly associate it with, then I am sorry the 2014 vintage will not be your cup of tea. Instead, it is a year filled with multiple personalities, and possibly one that […]

Peranakan cuisine x Sartori wines – How spicy can we go?

Many wine study guides will caution against pairing red wines with spicy food. So when the invitation comes saying Peranakan cuisine with Amarone, it raises both eyebrows. Will this be a disaster where one, or even both, goes down in spicy flame? Or an experiment that might just invalidate what we are taught? Together with […]

Do we need Donne del Vino?

Donne del Vino, or Women of Wine, is an Italian nationwide association that networks and provides professional resources for women working in the wine industry. Founded in 1988, this three decades old organisation has become a force to reckon with. With members coming from all areas of the wine industry, it is, without doubt, a […]

Nizza, Barbera d'Asti evolved

The name sounds like Pizza, but Nizza is more than that. For two years since the appellation of Nizza DOCG (Denomination of Controlled Origin with Guarantee) was known to the world, very little is known and seen in Singapore market. From my observation, there is little interest in Singapore when it comes to a Barbera […]

Corvina – L'anima della Valpolicella

Last month, Cellarmaster Wines engaged me to present the wines of Gerardo Cesari at a Gusto Italiano dinner. It was a sold-out dinner with a long waiting list. Considering Singapore’s insatiable thirst for Amarone, we can probably do two dinners and still manage a sellout. Better yet, this makes my work a lot easier, since these […]

The Montalcino experience

What does Montalcino mean to you? Is it a name synonymous with wines from Sangiovese, or the most celebrated wine region in entire Italy? Perhaps something else? In October 2016, my visit to Montalcino reveals a lot more than what I previously understood. And the more I learned, I realised the less I know. For […]

Scoring wines at Vinitaly 5 Star Wine

After hearing that I will debut as a junior judge in Vinitaly 5 Star Wine, my good friend Morgun quickly asked that I must have this experience written after I returned. So in a way, Morgun this is for you. Because I have mentioned Verona in the past, I will just skip the fluff about how beautiful the city is […]

Italian white wines for Singapore

“Italians don’t make interesting white wines”, a casual remark I heard after few pints of beer. If the probable beer-triggered gout didn’t kill me that evening, that statement against Italian white wines almost did me in. This misconception is common as Italian white wines are obviously a victim of its red’s success. Although I lost count […]